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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

il paradiso: the flight to/ from tuzla

an audiovisual installation

In summer 1995 a young woman from Tuzla narrates her flight from war torn Bosnia three years earlier. She recounts her journey from war to sanctuary in a white marble city on the Adriatic coast.

At the same time that she is telling her story, 15 000 men from the town of Srebrenica
in Eastern Bosnia are fleeing the Bosnian Serb Army, hoping to reach the city of Tuzla. Less than half will survive.

9 Months later, investigators from The Hague based International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and assorted journalists visit the hillside near the hamlet of Kamenica where more than 70 men and boys from Srebrenica died on 12 July, 1995.

The Flight from/ to Tuzla is the first of three projected multimedia installations on the theme of nationalism, media and the break-up of the former Yugoslavia by Christian de Lutz, a New York born artist, who during the 1990s worked as a photographer and journalist in Eastern Europe. He is now based in Berlin.

link to tapescript of the installations audio CD