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Monday, October 08, 2007

Art and Text: Christian de Lutz Ekphrasis at

29 September - 28 October 2007

The title of the exhibition, ekphrasis, means a verbal representation of visual representation; thus a double intermediation of the real, as a depiction of the depicted. It is in this very sense of ekphrasis that Christian de Lutz operates on the manifold character of references within his Source Code Images, which as a recent series are based on a digital collage of word and image...
-from a text by Regine Rapp.
(more under http://artlaboratory-berlin.org/html/eng-exh-archive.htm
and http://artlaboratory-berlin.org/html/eng-exh-5.htm)

From the vernissage on 28 September 2007:

all photos above by Tim Deussen fotoscout.de copyright 2007

photo by Christian de Lutz copyright 2007

Projection at Koloniestr 131, Berlin/ Projectraum Sumphahn/Art Laboratory Berlin
photo by Christian de Lutz copyright 2007

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