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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

El-Andalus clips (2008)
is made up of five short clips, each under two minutes. The clips exist as stand alone works, or together. Three (no. 1,3 and 5) include recitations of a text collage derived from internet blogs written by migrants from the Near East ,living in Europe or North America. The narrator, uneasy in her use of English stumbles across the text. Combinations of takes and breakdowns are used as an editing device for the visual images, collected excerpts of footage from southern Spain - the ruins of a Moorish fort, the view across the straits of Gibraltar, architectural details from Alhambra - which refer to Europe's old cultural connection to the Near East. Image and text, unrelated in origin, combine and influence each others form to elicit new meanings and relations.

The soundtrack of El Andalus clip #2 (breath) is made up of the narrator's breaths, gasps and laughs between words. It forms a first intermezzo, when viewed with the other four clips

El Andalus #4 (fate) was filmed on a hillside on the SE Spanish coast. The soundtrack is one word (Inshallah) stretched out over the duration of the clip, which forms the second intermezzo, when all five clips are viewed together.

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