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Friday, November 21, 2008


Evasion Machine /Apparat der Ausflucht

An Installation by Christian de Lutz
Eine Installation von Christian de Lutz

28 November - 7 December 2008

An installation in two locations, the Evasion Machine combines video, digital print and found objects to create a space for a discussion on migration. The installation centres around two videos from the series El-Andalus Clips. Clip #3 is made of two components. The visual component was filmed on the southern Spanish coast. The sound component is made up of text fragments collected from internet blogs, written by migrants. The fragments are read by a non-native speaker, whose repeated attempts to read in a foreign language have influenced the visual editing of the piece. Clip#4, shown through a storefront window, resounds with utterance of a single Arabic phrase (Inshallah), which is elongated to seven times its original length – and accompanies the dawn.

Several digital prints provide a contrasting static component. The print petroleum lines is made up of satellite images of the Persian Gulf, Wolfsburg, Germany, Flint, Michigan and Toyota, Japan. It represents static records of moments and locations, stolen from their original purpose location, remade into a new visual system. Additionally the area(s) of the installation are covered with detritus, broken wood, wiring, building material – and also text: fragments of algorithms for calculating demographics, migration and population movement.

The Evasion Machine not only implies migrants evasion of central regulation and authority, but also points to the flourishing of cultural hybrids in exactly those regions which (for a while) provide haven for the wanderer. Yuri Lotman, while developing his system of linguistic environments (or semiospheres), divided them into centre and periphery. The centre (metalanguage) controls the environment, but is sterile, bereft of innovation. It is the periphery, ripe with multiple, outside influences, where creativity bears most fruit.

-Christian de Lutz

space untitled

Drontheimerstra├če 3
13359 Berlin
Vernissage: 28.11.2008 ab 19h/ from 7PM
30.11.2008 - 7.12.2008, So 16-19h /4-7PM

Atelier Sambo-Richter
Koloniestr. 131
13359 Berlin
Vernissage: 28.11.2008 ab 20h /from8PM
30.11.2008, 14-19h /2 - 7 PM
Performance 30.11.2008, 18h30/ 6.30PM

Both exhibition spaces are located near Ubahn station Osloerstr. (U8,U9), approx 2 min. walk from each other and the station.

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