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Saturday, October 22, 2005

new works

temp path ..............mirror(... echo) ................charcode/ nologo ..............pale sensation

temp path, and charcode/nologo combine photographic images from my archive with samples of virus source code. In mirror (narcissism's echo) I have sampled source code from sound software, used to provide an echo effect. Text and image meet at a connotative level by means of a metaphor (ie the connection between a mirror and an echo).

pale sensation is derived from a photograph I took in 1996 at a campaign rally in Pale, Bosnia. The subjects of the photograph are the journalists and camera crews present at the rally; a fact heightened by erasure of details and use of digital filters to make the image appear like a large scale drawing. The cameraman in the forground reminds me of Velazquez by his easel in Las Meninas. The staged media event has become the atelier of our age.

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