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Saturday, March 04, 2006

light drawings

i dig a pony ...............gardens of alipasna polje ....after thefall ................radovan's girl

light drawings, recent works, such as caffe bar Flash Art, the gardens of ali pasa polje and after the fall, are reworkings of photographs I took in Bosnia-Herzogonia in the 1990s. I have digitally re-worked the photographs to appear like drawings, a reference to the word 'photography' meaning 'light drawing'.

The process also includes erasing certain parts of the image. In 'editing' these once 'documentary' photographs I choose, like the photo editor of a newspaper or magazine, to highlight or remove certain information. But in these works the manipulation becomes evident to the viewer who is forced to distinguish between the 'subjective' hand of the drawer and the 'objective' eye of the photographer.

The resulting works defy categorization as either documentary or aesthetic, photograph or drawing; but seek to provoke a discussion on these categories themselves.

More examples can be found at this page on my newly updated website

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